8 Things Your Garbage Man Knows About You

A lot of people tend to dump whatever they consider trash without second thoughts. The only time one gets to think about the trashed staff is when you miss that important note with a scribbled address or discover a missing check.
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Affordable commuter towns outside London

Prices in London are steadily climbing towards new highs, forcing young people and families with little income out of the capital. Who can blame them? The situation is such that only high earners can afford the expensive housing deposits.
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After Brexit: Romanians are anxious about their future in the UK

The Brexit vote to leave the EU has left the huge Romanian community that live there in shock. Since the UK’s accession to the Union in 2007, the number of Romanian immigrants has increased exponentially. Part of the problem comes from their own press, with headlines saying ‘Romanians to be kicked out after the Brexit vote’.
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The non-UK citizen's guide to moving in London

The UK is definitely one of the most popular countries in the world, and it is not surprising that more and more people seek opportunities to move there permanently. However, if there is one thing that can discourage such attempts, it is the multiple regulations and rules to be followed.
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